Dr. Canberk is a pathologist and cytopathologist and currently a member of a research group “Cancer signalling and metabolism” in, Porto, Portugal. She spent 4 years as an assistant professor in the department of Pathology in Acibadem University and still serving as a consultant cytopathologist and endocrine pathologist for a second opinion by telepathology. She has authored 64 peer reviewed publications in leading pathology and cytopathology journals, and five book chapters. She is a member of the expert editorial board of WHO reporting system for lung Cytology book; she has delivered numerous lectures, workshops and short courses in international meetings including ICC (International Cytology Congress), ECC (European Cytology Congress), ETA (European Thyroid Association), AOTA (Asia and Oceania Thyroid Association), Porto Cancer meetings. She is dedicated to cytopathology and pathology of thyroid and cytopathology of lung.

She has completed series of bioinformatic courses in epigenomics and genomics in European Bioinformatic Institution (EBI-EMBL) during her PhD program of Molecular Pathology and Genetics at University of Porto, Portugal. She mainly focused on The genetic basis and phenotypic variation of oncocytic tumours in Thyroid”. Her thesis project Molecular basis of oncocytic tumours of thyroid” that had granted by the national foundation of science and technology (SFRH/BD/147650/2019). She has been awarded two times by “Prof. E. Limbert of the Portuguese Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism (SPEDM) in 2018 (Possible interactions between BRAFV600E mutation and mTOR pathway in PTCs: potential consequences on tumour behaviour and response to therapy) and 2019 (diabetes mellitus and oncocytic thyroid: the mitochondrial connection) (SFRH/BD/147650/2019).