Localização: Estados Unidos

Pathologist, United States.

Dr Rabban is Professor and Director of the Gynecological Pathology Service in the Pathology Department of the University of California San Francisco in the USA.  He is an editor and author of the 5th edition WHO Classification of Female Genital Tumors, associate editor of the International Journal of Gynecological Pathology, a member of the USCAP Education Committee, and chair of live virtual educational programming for the International Society of Gynecological Pathology.

Conteúdo Programático

Dia 1 - 29/05/2024

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Dia 2 - 30/05/2024
Horário14:30SalaSala 07

Case 2 / Seminário de Lâminas Digital - Patologia Ginecológica | 30 14h - 15:30h

Dia 3 - 31/05/2024
Horário14:00SalaSala 03

Common dilemmas in endometrial cancer staging and the 2023 FIGO staging criteria / Patologia Ginecológica | 31 14h - 15:30h

Horário11:00SalaSala 03

Practical update on molecular classification of endometrial cancer / Patologia Ginecológica | 31 11h - 12:30h

Horário09:10SalaSala 03

Aggressive mimics of low grade endometrioid cancer / Patologia Ginecológica | 31 09h - 10:30h

Dia 4 - 01/06/2024

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