John Hart, MD, clinical expertise is in the area of gastrointestinal and liver pathology. He serves as a consultant for problematic cases involving the pathology of Barrett’s esophagus, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, liver tumors and medical liver diseases.

His research interests include colonic and hepatic carcinogenesis. Dr. Hart’s research has been funded by the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

Conteúdo Programático

Dia 1 - 2024/05/29

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Dia 2 - 2024/05/30
Horário11:30SalaSala 05

Perfusion for kidney and heart: impact on rejection and on vessels/endothelial cell damage (Perfusão de rim e coração: impacto na rejeição e dano vascular/endotelial) / Patologia do Transplante | 30 11h - 12:30h

Horário10:00SalaSala 05

Antibody-mediated rejection of the liver allograft: An update and a clinicopathological perspective (Rejeição mediada por anticorpos: Atualização na perspectiva clínico-patológica) / Patologia do Transplante | 30 09h - 10:30h

Horário09:00SalaSala 05

Innovations on solid organ transplantation: The impact for the pathologist (Inovações no transplante de órgãos sólidos: Impactos para o patologista) / Patologia do Transplante | 30 09h - 10:30h

Dia 3 - 2024/05/31

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Dia 4 - 2024/06/01
Horário10:05SalaSala 04

Autoimmune hepatitis as an adverse event in immunotherapy approach to hepatocellular carcinoma / Patologia Hepática | 01 09h - 10:30h

Horário09:40SalaSala 04

Autoimmune hepatitis and steatotic liver disease / Patologia Hepática | 01 09h - 10:30h

Horário09:15SalaSala 04

Drug-induced autoimmune hepatitis and cholangitis / Patologia Hepática | 01 09h - 10:30h