Jean-Christophe B. Sabourin MD, PhD is full Professor of Pathology at the University of Rouen
(Normandy, France). He is head of the Pathology Department and chair of the Clinical Biology
Division at Rouen University Hospital and in charge of the Normandy regional pathology
plakorm. Aler iniFal training at Paris University and “Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris”
(medical school, residency and fellowship), he was appointed consultant pathologist in 1994
at the leading European cancer center, Gustave-Roussy InsFtute (Villejuif, France) where he
was in charge of the translaFonal research unit. In 2005, he joined the University of Rouen,
since which Fme he has been an acFve member of INSERM Unit 1245 in the Cancer Research
Team. Former Editor in chief of the “Annales de Pathologie”, the first and foremost French
speaking review of pathology, previous President of the French Society of Pathology and
member of the Council of the European Society of Pathology, he is parFcularly involved in the
pedagogical diffusion of his academic discipline. Author of +275 medline referenced
publicaFons, his main research topics focus on theragnosFc biomarkers in pulmonary and
digesFve tract oncology. Prof. JC B Sabourin is also very involved in the development of
molecular pathology and digital pathology in France and Europe.

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Molecular pathology applied to lung tumors: The experience of a European university hospital – 16:00 às 16:15 / Patologia Torácica, Pulmonar e do Mediastino | 31 16h - 17h

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MMR proteins: How and why should they be detected in 2024? – 11:00 às 11:20 / Patologia Torácica, Pulmonar e do Mediastino | 31 11h - 12:30h

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