Dr. Xavier Matias-Guiu

Patologia Ginecológica Espanha

Xavier Matias-Guiu (XM) obtained his PhD in 1987 in Barcelona. In 1991-92, XM was Research Fellow in Pathology at the New England Medical Centre/Tufts University in Boston, with Professors H Wolfe and R DeLellis, and the Massachusetts General Hospital with Professor Scully. From 1986 to 2002, XM worked with Professor Jaime Prat in Hospital Sant Pau, Barcelona. XM was Director of the Lleida Institute of Biomedical Research (IRBLLEIDA) from 2004 to 2015. Currently, XM combines the position of Chairman of Pathology at Hospital Universitari Bellvitge in Barcelona, Chairman of Pathology at Hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova in Lleida, Professor of Pathology at University of Lleida and Barcelona, and the direction of research groups in IRBLLEIDA and IDIBELL, with especial focus in integrating molecular features of gynecological cancers in the appropriate microscopic context. XM has experience in different areas of gynecological pathology, but has produced significant contributions to understanding the pathology and molecular features of endometrial carcinoma. XM has participated in guidelines in medical management of patients with endometrial cancer (ESMO-ESGO-ESTRO guidelines, ISGYP guidelines and WHO classification of tumors of the female genital tract. XM is currently President of the Spanish Society of Pathology (SEAP-IAP), and Elect President of the International Society of Gynecological Pathologists (ISGYP).


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