Dr. Pablo Dezanzo

Patologia Gastrointestinal Argentina

Dr Pablo Dezanzo is senior staff pathologist at the British Hospital of Buenos Aires and Associate Professor of Histology and Cell Biology at Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires (BA), Argentina.
He is currently involved in two GI pathology subjects: inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) and colorectal cancer (CRC).
During the last decade, he has been working as pathologist of IBDs and CRC interdisciplinary teams. In his daily practice and lectures, he emphasizes the importance of clinicopathological approach for better diagnosis and treatment of these conditions.
He has contributed with the education of pathologists, colorectal surgeons and gastroenterologists through different courses and workshops on IBDs and CRC in Argentina and South America.
He takes part as pathologist group member of the National Program for CRC Prevention and Early Detection of the National Cancer Institute of Argentina (INC), working on the standard pathology report for CRC and training other colleagues in Argentina through the INC online Updating Course on CRC and the Argentine Society of Pathology (SAP) Updating Course.
Until 2019, he was Head of Pathology Service at the Argentine Federal Police Hospital “Churruca-Visca” in BA.


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