Dr. Fernando Schmitt

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Professor Fernando Schmitt is Professor of Pathology at the University of Porto, Senior Researcher and Head of Molecular Pathology Unit at IPATIMUP. He has authored more than 465 papers in peer-review journals, 23 book chapters and he is editor of four books, one of molecular pathology, one of molecular cytology, other of cytopathology and other of breast cytopathology.  Prof Schmitt is widely considered a world-leading expert in cytopathology and breast cancer. Fernando was a fellow at the Karolinska Medical Hospital, Stockholm, and was Professor of Pathology at the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil and University of Toronto, Canada. He was also Director of the Department of Medicine at Laboratoire national de santé, Luxembourg. His research work is on breast cancer, with emphasis on molecular markers, cell adhesion and invasion, therapeutic targets and mechanisms of resistance. In the last years, his research work has been dedicated to the study of molecular markers on cytological material. Fernando serves as Associate Editor of six major scientific journals and sits on the editorial board of many others. He has also been chair, president or scientific director of several major European, Portuguese and Brazilian scientific societies of pathology and cytology. Currently he is the Secretary-General of the IAC, President of the Portuguese Society of Cytology and President of the International Society of Breast Pathology. Fernando received the prize of Educator of the Year 2011 by the Papanicoloau Society of Cytology (USA), also received the prize GOLDBLATT AWARD 2013 from the International Academy of Cytology. In 2018 received the prize Dario Cruz from the Portuguese League Against Cancer for his career as researcher in breast cancer.





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