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Professor Gordan Vujanic received his undergraduate medical degree and specialty (pediatric) pathology training in Belgrade, Serbia. He then moved to Cardiff, UK where he was appointed as Senior Lecturer/Consultant in Pediatric Pathology and he established and developed pediatric pathology services for Wales as one of the centers of excellence in the UK.  He was subsequently promoted to Professor of Pediatric Pathology at Cardiff University School of Medicine. He has been involved in the UK and international studies on renal tumors of childhood since early days of his career, and became Chair of the UK Children’s Cancer and Leukemia Group Pathology Panel (2001 – ), and Chair of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) Pathology Panel (2012 – ) – the SIOP is a global organization running studies of pediatric tumors around the world. In the new SIOP UMBRELLA Study over 50 countries from around the world are going to be involved. As Chair of the UK and SIOP Pathology Panel, Dr Vujanic introduced, for the first time ever, rapid (‘real time’) central pathology review which enabled children to be diagnosed and staged accurately, avoiding mistreatment as in the previous studies when ~20-25% of tumors were misdiagnosed and/or mis-staged. In the recently launched SIOP Renal Tumor Study, Dr Vujanic is doing rapid central pathology review for the UK and for another 20 participating countries from Europe and other parts of the world, and coordinating other national/regional Pathology Panels which are delivering the same service. Since 2017 Dr Vujanic works at Department of Pathology, Sidra Medicine, and is Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical School, Doha – New York.

Dr Vujanic has been actively involved in numerous studies on renal tumors of childhood and published extensively on the topic, resulting in over 120 articles published in peer-reviewed journals, and 5 book chapters. He is the principal author of the SIOP Working Classification of Renal Tumours of Childhood which has been used as the basis for treatments of these tumors around the world in the last 20 years, and the principal author of papers recognizing new tumor entities. He has given over 110 invited lectures at international congresses, meetings, courses, and symposia. He has also been actively involved in postgraduate teaching and was director of 11 international advanced courses in pediatric pathology. Finally, Dr Vujanic served as Honorary Secretary (1996-2002) and President of the (European) Paediatric Pathology Society (2017-2019).


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